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Ingesting data to produce intelligent outcomes.


Why BriteGaze?

We believe that data should inform action. When we expand on this thinking we envisage a world that utilises a corporation’s data set, supplemented with relevant external data sources to drive outcomes that solve complex problems.

What we do?

BriteGaze is initiating a fund that will be utilised to grow businesses that are committed to building capability around artificial intelligence. Utilising our deep expertise in the telecommunications sector we will focus our target companies on solving complex challenges that the industry faces in optimising and growing their businesses. 


Our Services

BriteGaze Fund One

The BriteGaze Fund will aim to address a problem that many emerging technology businesses face and that is the lack of the requisite funding in their development phases.

A second problem that we will be providing solutions to relates to the challenges that emerging technology companies face in packaging their businesses for investment.

Intelligent Solutions

BriteGaze has partnered with businesses that bring unique value creation solutions to market. In each of the respective fields of Artificial Intelligence; Digital Payment Solutions and the Internet of Things, BriteGaze will be addressing multiple solution facets.


ICT Managed Services

Customer’s Network/IT departments often are required to use multiple network and service providers to deliver a high speed network service for their branch, campus and data centre networks. The integration of these various supplier networks and relationships results in more complexity than is required to service their needs for high availability and associated redundancy.


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