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BriteGaze Fund one

The BriteGaze Fund will aim to address a problem that many emerging technology businesses face and that is the lack of the requisite funding in their development phases. Even though some of these businesses may already have a revenue stream, they often find it difficult to service those revenue contracts through the lack of working capital and expert advice in deploying the funds that they generate and or receive through funding mechanisms.

A second problem that we will be providing solutions to relates to the challenges that emerging technology companies face in packaging their businesses for investment.


Intelligent Solutions

BriteGaze has partnered with businesses that bring unique value creation solutions to market. In each of the respective fields of  Artificial Intelligence; Digital Payment Solutions and the Internet of Things, BriteGaze will be addressing multiple solution facets.



Customers collate large amounts of data from their own customer engagements and touch points. This data is used to an extent to service a customer’s requirements, but seldom analysed to solve emerging challenges or a challenge that a business has not yet encountered. Using a consultative process to understand the challenges a Telco is facing, either in operational cost optimisation or in new revenue growth, we will utilise the customers’ data sets and our Algorithm cube to solve for mechanisms that can improve efficiency and/or separately assist in revenue growth areas. Telecommunication network/service providers have very large data sets that are not often utilised to solve complex problems. From maintaining and improving service levels through to churn management and taking advantage of intelligently creating products, providers must make decisions based on the data that they have access to.


There are a plethora of problems that IoT can solve. For every case of asset management, irrespective of what that asset is – as simple as water consumption or as complex as earth moving equipment – there is an IoT solution that can address the challenges that are being faced. This includes everything from consumption management to asset location and usage, right through to maintenance and management of such an asset.

Many deployed systems or mechanical equipment deployments are not often connected to communication networks on a permanent basis, we can make those systems/devices smarter through connectivity, collection of their data and acting on that collected data.

Digital Payment Solutions

We take a bespoke view in developing and servicing customers with digital payment solutions. Using best of breed certified technologies we are able to deliver an integrated platform to service telecom operators, retailers and grant payment distributors.

ICT Managed Services

Customer’s Network/IT departments often are required to use multiple network and service providers to deliver a high speed network service for their branch, campus and data centre networks. The integration of these various supplier networks and relationships results in more complexity than is required to service their needs for high availability and associated redundancy.